Training Kit Control technology

The experiment kit, Training Kit Control technology provides greater knowledge of automation and covers aspects such as:

-        Pick and place units
-        Storage stations
-        Sorting equipment
-        Assembly stations
-        PLC programming
-        Mechanics

Using the components in the cases, four different advanced automation systems/control units can be built and connected to an optional PLC system. Students can also apply their own creativity to create their own solutions.

The components used include:

-        Pneumatics – valve blocks, vacuum products, grip devices,
         various cylinders, pressure monitors
-        Sensor technology – inductive, capacitive, optical, ultrasonic and
         different types of position sensors
-        Linear units – ball roller screws and motorised control
-        PLC systems
-        Conveyor belt
-        Electrical start/stop/reset buttons

All the components and teaching aids are supplied two robust cases in which each has its set place. The components can be mounted on the included base plate.

For training within fieldbus technology and more advanced automation systems, several objects can be connected to form a small scale production line.

An optional trolley with folding shelves for items such as a PLC system, compressor or teaching aid can also be provided.

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