Training Kit Mechatronics

Training Kit Mechatronics is a flexible training package which allows students to learn the basics of mechatronics in a creative way.

Using a profile system and various fasteners, students can build everything from basic electrical or pneumatic circuits to complete mechatronic systems. In addition to working with the included experiments, students can, through applying their creative capacity, design and build their own technical solutions.


 The package covers, among other things:

- Mechanics – Principles of physics, Power calculations
- Electricity – Voltage, Current, Resistance, Power, Motor applications
- Sensor technology
- Pneumatics – Valves, Cylinders, Air treatment
- Mechatronic systems
- PLC systems
- Logical functions


The experiment kit is supplied in a robust case in which each component has its set place.

All the components can be mounted on a foldable base plate of profiled aluminium.

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