Training Object Assembly

Training Objest Assembly is a station for training in automation and covers:

-       PLC programming
-       Logical functions
-       Basic pneumatics and vacuum
-       Motor control
-       Sensor technology

The stations is supplied with a Siemens S7-1200 PLC and a laboratory book consisting of experiments based TIA portal software. The station can be programmed from any PLC system with 13 inputs and 8 outputs.

Training Object Assembly can be combined with Training Object ASRS and/or Training Object Sorting to create a small scale production line to know more about production flow, bus communication, industry 4.0 and I/O Link.

Main functions:

1.      The linear unit picks a cup from the storage unit. Positions can be
         handled with microswitches or the encoder system
2.      Linear unit places the cup on the mounting station
3.      Programmed number of balls are picked from the ball picking
         station and placed in the cup
4.      The lid for the cup is fetched from the lid storage and placed on
         top of the cup


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