Training Object Line

Training Objet Line is a small scale table top production line for training in industrial automation.

Focus in development has been small scale, flexibility and modern technology to a reasonable price.

The production line consist of two or three Training Objects, Sorting, Assembly and ASRS. Each object can be used stand alone or connected in different combinations as a complete line.

Each of the objects has a premounted PLC system, Siemens S7-1200 with accessories, are easy to move by handles and can be placed on a regular table.

A complete system starts with sorting of the different materials then assembling the product and that finally will be stored in the ASRS system.

Tasks that can be made:

PLC programming, HMI systems, Industrial communication, Pneumatics, Sensor technology, Linear units, Servo systems (additional), Conveyor and Vacuum.


Additonal products that can be added:

Laser sensor
RFID system
Vision system
Encoder/position system
I/O Link
DC Servo


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