Training Object Sorting

Training Objest Sorting is a station for training in automation and covers:

-        Logical functions
-        PLC programming
-        Basic pneumatics
-        Sensor technology
-        Motor control

The stations is supplied with a Siemens S7-1200 PLC system and a laboratory book consisting of experiments based upon TIA portal software. The station can be programmed from any PLC with 14 inputs and 7 outputs.

Training Object Sorting can be combined with Training Object Assembly and/or Training Object ASRS to create a small scale production line to study production flow, bus communication with PLC, industry 4.0 and I/O Link.

Main functions

1       The linear unit picks an object from the storage unit. Positions can be
         handled with inductive sensors or the encoder system
2       The different objects, black, white plastic and metal are identified by
         sensor panel
3       Objects are placed in the right position by the electrical linear unit and
         the pneumatic pusher

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