Training Kit A

Training Kit A covers the basics and advanced pneumatics and is based on our experience of industry.

The system contains a wide range of components such as different types of:

–    Manually, mechanically and pneumatically controlled valves
–    Single action, double action and rodless cylinders
–    Air treatment systems such as filters, regulators, soft-start valves

With the help of the included experiment book, components and base plate, students can build up basic pneumatic circuits in stages and develop to finally handle more advanced, combined pneumatic systems.

The system covers, among other things:

-       Component recognition
-       Logical functions, memory processing
-       Sequence control
-       Positioning
-       Power, pressure, flow
-       Speed regulation, controlled motion, damping
-       Automatic processes, remote control
-       Vacuum
-       Safety aspects


All the parts are pre-packed in a robust, compact case that is easily carried and stowed.

As an additional package to accommodate basic electrical pneumatics, there is the experiment kit Training Kit B

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