Training Kit


The level of knowledge within can be increased through our specially designed Training Kits.  

The training kits are largely based on our knowledge of industrial applications. In addition, we have included a large degree of flexibility and cost effectiveness.

The same components are used in many different applications, but for different purposes. This enables us to reduce costs without reducing quality at application level. Several of the components can also be reused in the various experiment kits.

  • All the kits are pre-packed in robust cases that provide a number of advantages:
  • Easy to take out and put away
  • Minimal storage space
  • Increases the service life of each component
  • Easily transported when, for example, training courses are held at different locations
  • Everything has a set place – easy to see if something is missing


 Each Training Kit has an adjustable, foldable base plate on which all the components can be easily mounted using the included screws. Being able to fold the plate has both ergonomical and storage space advantages.


 The training packages are suitable for courses within industry, upper-secondary schools and universities.







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